Trump wall construction not shutting down: Darcy cartoon

December 21, 2018 GMT

Trump wall construction not shutting down: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- President Trump said he will veto a short-term spending bill to prevent a government shutdown if it doesn’t include full funding for the border wall he said Mexico would pay for..

Trump caved to pressure from right-wingers on radio,cable news and in Congress, who accused him of caving on his campaign promise to build a Mexico border wall. Even though Trump said he would continue to fight for the border wall under the new Congress.

In the last presidential election did you vote for Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?  None of them could ever be elected president, maybe not even dog catcher, but the President of the United States is now following their marching orders, even if it means shutting down the government days before Christmas.  


While millionaires Trump and Limbaugh kick back for the holidays, government workers they kicked could be going without paychecks.  Is that Trump and Trump supporters idea of “winning”?

There is another Trump wall that is fully funded and growing taller.  It’s the mounting wall of criminal and civil investigations Humpty Trump is in danger of falling from.

Currently there are 17 known Trump-related investigations/cases that are underway by Federal, State and District of Columbia authorities.

Recently, The Trump Foundation agreed to dissolve and disperse its remaining funds under the supervision of the court and New York attorney general, as part of an ongoing investigation and civil suit.

New York attorney general Barbra Underwood said the Trump Foundation engaged in “a shocking pattern of illegality” by “functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”

“Drain the Swamp” Trumps used the Trump Foundation as a slush fund for the Trump campaign.   Donations were used to purchases like a Trump portrait painting, not charitable causes.

The New York attorney general office’s ongoing lawsuit further seeks to bar President Trump, Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump from ever sitting on the board of any New York charities.  The lawsuit also calls for financial restitution in the millions.

New York’s Trump Foundation lawsuit is likely to lead to even more investigations.  The New York attorney general can only bring a civil suit, but can, and reportedly has, made referrals to federal prosecutors and the IRS for criminal investigations of fraud and more campaign finance violations.


If Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had spines, there is a simple way they could override Trump’s veto threat.   Ryan and McConnell need to remind Trump that they lead a co-equal branch of government.  They then need to call him out as the incompetent, unfit, crook, conman and fraud that everyone in Congress, except the Freedom Cause, believe him to be.   They should then tell him that if he vetoes the funding bill they will shut down his presidency by supporting Democrats call for his impeachment.  That they will support any move to remove him under the 25th Amendment.    Trump is a paper tiger that McConnell and Ryan keep kowtowing too.

Figuratively, the U.S. government shutdown when Trump was sworn in as president.