Archbald Man Charged With Stalking Pittston Teen

January 19, 2019
Archbald Man Charged With Stalking Pittston Teen

PITTSTON — An Archbald man who contacted a 16-year-old girl on Facebook saying he had been watching her for more than a year and wanted to see her naked on roller skates is now a wanted man, police said.

Investigators have a warrant for the arrest of Edward Jam Rodriguez, 40, of 520 N. Main St. He is accused of stalking the teen, who told investigators she had never seen Rodriguez until he showed up on the porch of the family home in August with flowers and a card.

According to the complaint, the girl’s mother told police she at first thought he was making a delivery, but Rodriguez said the flowers were for her daughter.

The mother asked for the items, thinking the situation was strange because he was so much older. But Rodriguez then backed away and left in a red pickup, police said.

Although Rodriguez claimed to have known the girl “through the friend of a friend,” the girl told her mother she had never seen him before, according to police.

On Sept. 2, the girl got a Facebook message from an account named “Bee Savage” saying the user had been following her for more than a year, police said. The message said he had been watching her during the Pittston Tomato Festival and that when he showed up with the flowers he had been hoping to get a pair of her panties in exchange, according to police.

“How silly has it been between this festival and the year prior, and ALL the times of them both that I have run into you walking, and all the looks that have been exchanged between us in the process, which was a lot, that we never even uttered a word to each other?” the message read. “P.S. That tomato throw of your (sic) was the biggest fluke of a hit I ever saw. So much in fact that I dare you to do that again, while wearing NOTHING but roller skates.”

Police got a search warrant to gather IP address information from Facebook, which showed the stalker was using several free public Wi-Fi locations in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties to log on.

After asking for assistance from the public identifying the suspect, police said they got several tips that Rodriguez is the person in the Facebook photos. Police made several attempts to contact him at his home, but have been unable to find him.

Police have a warrant charging Rodriguez with misdemeanor counts of stalking and harassment.

Anyone with information on Rodriguez’s whereabouts is asked to call police at 570-654-2425 or 911.

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