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Letter: Midnight meetings on guns

March 2, 2018 GMT

Midnight meetings on gunsWhen it comes to guns nowadays, it’s neither about states whose governors and state houses have pro-gun majorities that favor free, open possession or purchase and use of weapons of war for recreational purposes, nor is it about those governors whose state houses have majorities favoring bans on weapons of war as the more prudent and sensible choice.But, as neither side has the power to prevail, except within their own borders, it has been, as it ought to be, a problem for Congress to solve.However, as the majority in the Senate is beholden to the NRA and as a large number of Republicans in the Congress, as well as Democrats, whose constituents favor ownership of any type weapon for sale on the market, there will continue to be this unresolvable stalemate in favor of the status quo.Behind them all stands the NRA and its indefatigable leader, Satan, by some other name, and his double-speak acolyte, President Trump.The two meet after midnight by the light of a full moon; each holds in hand a cup of black coffee, as they agree to resolve the nuances in their positions.So, let those people with reasonable expectations yield to those whose expectations are unreasonable and let us place more value on the right to purchase any sporting or warring weapon available on the market.That is the nexus and crux of the matter. Which view prevails will determine whether or not there is a need to turn schools into fortresses and neighborhoods into war zones. What a stupid state of affairs we are all in, here in America.Gerard CoulombeFairfield