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Hustisford students Solo and Ensemble results listed

March 7, 2019 GMT

HUSTISFORD -- Hustisford Middle and Senior High music department students traveled Feb. 16 to Deerfield for district Solo and Ensemble festival. Students’ ratings are as follows:

Class A (advanced) -- starred first/gold medal and qualifying for the state festival in April: Ariel Nelson, piano solo, jazz piano solo and vocal solo; Sam Simmons, Aria O’Neil and Josey Kadinger, saxophone trio.

Class A (advanced) -- first/gold medal: Ariel Nelson, piccolo and flute solo and Julia Bamke, vocal solo.

Class A (advanced) -- second/silver medal: Aria O’Neil, alto saxophone solo; and Mya Hansen, volcal solo.


Class B (intermediate) -- first/gold medal: Andrew Maas, trumpet solo; Rion Solo, vocal solo; and Koalyen Her, Andrew Maas and Colter Sliper, alto sax/trumpet trio.

Class B (intermediate) -- second/silver medal: Aria O’Neil, Marimba solo; and Isabelle O’Gorman, tenor saxophone solo.

Class B (intermediate) -- third bronze medal: Lillian Jeffers and Isabelle O’Gorman, trumpet/tenor saxophone duet; and Kylee Firari and Isabelle O’Gorman, horn/tenor sax duet.

Class C (basic) -- first/gold medal: Kiera Leinen, alto saxophone solo; Adelyn Beisbier; alto saxophone solo; Damian Hanson, trumpet solo; Randall Neiman, snare drum solo; Ben Schiller, Zoe Sinense, Erin Lenhardt, Abigail Mahan, Madison Fetzer and Olivia Wolter, vocal solo; Koalyen Her and Kylee Firari, alto saxophone/horn duet; Madison Fetzer, Olivia Murphy and Emily Brown, flute trio.

Class C (basic) -- second/silver medal: Madison Holub, timpani solo; Makenzie Niederwerfer, Madison Wagner, Kylee Firari, vocal solo; and Demi Peterson and Rion Hall, vocal duet; Autumn Jensen and Zoe Sinese, vocal duet; Alivia Beisbier, Ivy Winters and Marissa Boeck, vocal trio; and Gaven Gonzales, Devin Williams and Christian Payton, TS/trombone/tuba trio.