Minimum wage for workers in Las Cruces is going up

December 28, 2018

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — The minimum wage is going up in Las Cruces.

Workers in the city will make $10.10 an hour starting Jan. 1, up from an hourly rate of $9.20.

Tipped workers will get $4.04 an hour, equivalent to 40 percent of the minimum wage.

The Las Cruces City Council approved a higher minimum wage in 2014 and phased it in over the years.

Business owners recently called on city councilors to reconsider, saying they would lose customers or be forced to shut their doors.

The city is moving forward with the final increase.

The minimum wage around most of New Mexico is $7.50 an hour, though some cities and counties have higher rates.

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