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The Past 100 Years, Dec. 30, 2018

December 30, 2018 GMT

Dec. 30, 1918: Mayor Davies to be Chief Lobbyist for Municipal Needs

Dec. 30, 1968: Governor Cargo plans to ask the 1969 State Legislature for a new severance tax bond issue of $2 million to be used in continuing development of the State Park System. This wold be of considerable benefit in the development of recreational areas in northern New Mexico.

Some $700,000 of the $2 million issue would be used in financing the final phase of the new botanical-zoological garden near Carlsbad, and $200,000 would be used to continue earlier programs at 17 parks. The remaining $1.1 million would be used on 13 projects in existing parks and for land acquisition in at least two areas in northern New Mexico.


Dec. 30, 1993: The dog that apparently killed a 12-year-old boy in Eldorado in September was not a wolf hybrid and had no wolf blood, despite initial reports to the contrary, according to scientific tests conducted for the district attorney’s office.

The finding prompted the district attorney’s office to close its file on the case involving the dog’s owners … Deputy District attorney Jim Yontz said Wednesday.