Tyler, The Creator wants to beat Jay-Z to Grammy

January 26, 2018 GMT

Tyler, The Creator thinks he should win the Best Rap Album Grammy over regular winners Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar.

The ‘Yonkers’ hitmaker, whose record ‘Flower Boy’ received a nod, says it’s time for someone “different” to pick up the accolade.

Tyler - who received his first ever Grammy nomination this year - still hopes Kendrick, who is nominated in six other categories, takes home at least one gong for his record ‘DAMN’, but not Best Rap Album.

Speaking on an episode of ‘The Shane Show’ podcast, Tyler said: “I think I should win. Just something different just needs to win. I love Jay, but f**k you have Grammys, dog.

“And I love Kendrick, and I think ‘DAMN’ is awesome. ‘XXX’ was my favourite song on that album and I think it’s great, but f**k, like n***a nominated for six other ones, let him get one of those.”

Tyler will battle it out with Kendrick, Jay’s ‘4.44’, Migos’ ‘Culture’ and Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’, and Tyler feels like it’s “time” for him to win.

He said: “I think it would be tight if I won, just because it’s something different and to show budding rappers it’s possible.

“And it’s no one speaking for that - those people. I don’t even wanna use the word ‘weird’ because I feel like that’s a cheap word, but just the ‘me’s.’

“The ‘me’s’ rarely is up there. I know if I win something, they’ll feel like they won something. I just think, I think it’s time.”

The 60th Grammys take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday (26.01.18), with the UK premiere broadcast exclusively and in full on 4Music at 7pm, January 29, as well as on the Box Plus App.