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Community supports Huffman ISD employee Bo Jenkins, who has cancer

February 25, 2019

The Backyard Bar & Grill quickly ran out of parking spaces. Nathan Utzman, the owner, joked that they might run out of beer.

It seemed like most of Crosby and Huffman came out to the Backyard Bar & Grill on Feb. 23 for the benefit for Officer Bo Jenkins, a former maintenance worker for Huffman ISD then Harris County police officer who worked as security resource officer for Huffman ISD, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer

Guy Smith, Jenkins’ nephew and one of the volunteers who help put on the event, said that the family had been talking for a couple of months about holding a benefit for him but said that he does not think anybody thought it would be as big an event as it turned out to be.

Volunteers, clad in gray “Team Bo” tee shirts, served plates of barbecue and crawfish to raise money. Others grilled large briskets that people had pre-ordered.

“See those people grilling briskets,” Smith gestured. “I don’t know if I could even count the number of benefits that Uncle Bo has volunteered his time to cook briskets for. He’s been doing that for the last 20 years, so a lot of these people have either benefitted from, or seen him put forth, that effort.”

People had to go into a room in the building next door to bid on items for the silent auction, there were so many items. Items such as Astros gear, a cornhole set, and a basket with several bottles of liquor.

“Everybody donated items,” Smith said gesturing around. “These two came from the (Huffman) Ag Department. That came from an ex-state trooper. That guy over there donated the guitar. My mother (Bo’s sister) donated a Texans sign. They came from Huffman to Shepherd to San Jacinto County.”

Children played in blowup bounce houses and slides out back while people got their food in front and inside was completely full of people hanging out.

“As soon as they told me about this event, I was all in,” Utzman exclaimed. “I support all the men in blue. When they said they wanted to hold the event here, I said I’d do whatever it takes to accommodate them, do whatever we needed to do.”

The evening culminated in a live auction. A large Yeti cooler went for a thousand dollars. There were a couple of hunting and fishing trips that went for several hundred dollars up to two thousand dollars. One person won a signed guitar with a 400 dollar bid and then donated it back, where it went to somebody else for 400 dollars.

Jenkins addressed the large crowd gathered at the end of the evening. He mentioned that there were people there who he has known for 50 years. He laughed that he saw several people in the crowd whom he has arrested, some more than once.

He thanked everybody for his support, and emotionally closed his speech by saying, “I can’t say it enough. I love all of you.”

To learn more or to support Bo Jenkins, visit the Benefit for Bo Jenkins Facebook page