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Douglas High School cafeteria damaged in storm

March 10, 2019

Douglas High School students will be able to return to the cafeteria next week to eat their lunches.

Students were served food in the gymnasium this past week, because the roof of the cafeteria building was damaged in last week’s storm.

“We can go back and occupy that building,” said Kevin Miller, superintendent for the Winston-Dillard School District. “A lot of the weight came off when the snow came off and it relieved a lot of the stress off the roof.”

The cafeteria roof had been held up by 2-by-6 beams the past week while safety was being assessed.

Douglas High School’s kitchen staff worked with Kyle Micken, a Sodexo employee who managed nutritional services for most of Douglas County’s schools, to make accommodations for the students in the gymnasium.

Project management declared the cafeteria space safe to occupy for the students, but Miller added there will be some changes to keep the students away from the support structure.

Winston-Dillard School District will be looking at a long-term solution, but it was not immediately clear on Friday what that solution might be.

Prior to last week’s snowstorm, school board members had discussed during work sessions the possibility of seeking a bond measure for school improvements in May of 2019, but no final decisions have been made.