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Personalize your healthcare at Siouxland Adult Medicine

August 24, 2018 GMT

Siouxland Adult Medicine Clinic is a state-of-the-art modern Internal Medicine facility located at 1605 Douglas St. The clinic provides extensive on-site services for the convenience of our patients to minimize their travel needs.

Practicing at the clinic are internists Dr. Mark Carlson and Dr. David Daniels.

Dr. Mark Carlson has practiced Internal Medicine in Siouxland since 1989. He dedicates himself to helping his patients manage or avoid such deadly conditions as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart and lung disease. When these conditions are managed effectively and disease progression is avoided there is a significant reduction in adverse major health events.

Patients managed with personalized health care programs experience 65 percent fewer hospitalizations than like age counterparts. By providing advanced cardiovascular risk prediction and preventive strategies along with aggressive cancer prevention, patients should have a maximum quality of life. An 85-year-old should be able to mow their lawn, drive a car, balance a checkbook, make cookies, attend their grandchildren’s events and do the normal things that normal people do rather than reside in a nursing home. Carlson provides Concierge Healthcare and Executive Physicals at the Siouxland Adult Medicine Clinic.

Siouxland Adult Medicine Clinic is excited to announce the addition of another seasoned Siouxland Internist, Dr. David H. Daniels, who joined the clinic in October. Daniels provides comprehensive Internal Medicine care at our facility and he shares Carlson’s passion for providing high quality healthcare to his present and future patients. Daniels completed his internal medicine training at Northwestern University Hospital. He is a board certified Internist and Geriatrician. He specializes in adult health care. The types of illnesses he treats include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, infections and many others. He has extensive experience in both outpatient and inpatient internal medicine.

Patients at Siouxland Adult Medicine receive their comprehensive exams and physicals in a remodeled, state-of-the-art facility at 1605 Douglas St. It is equipped to provide bone density testing for osteoporosis, skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, fall and fracture prevention, balance assessments for inner ear and balance problems, as well as advanced lipid and genetic testing, allergy testing, and advanced metabolic testing for risk detection and prevention. Siouxland Adult Medicine providers also offer BioTE Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement pellet therapy. Carlson offers monthly educational seminars, open to the public, on the benefits of hormone optimization. Most of the lab work is performed on site in their full-service laboratory. Advance lipid analysis and genetic screening tests are sent out to state-of-the-art reference laboratories.

The remodeled clinic, which opened in September 2012, also features treadmill electrocardiograms and pulmonary function testing to assess heart and lung function. If any abnormalities are detected from the testing, the internal medicine providers work with patients to identify any underlying factors in their lifestyle that may lead to a chronic condition and develop a customized wellness program that can reduce symptoms, improve quality of life, and help avert diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Sixty percent of early deaths are a result of behaviors and/or chronic conditions that are preventable. If not addressed properly by your physician, chronic conditions can prove to be life-threatening and costly to treat.

Both doctors are accepting new patients. Contact Siouxland Adult Medicine for more information at (712) 234-1005.