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Irma leaves behind an alligator in a James Island yard

September 12, 2017

Tropical Storm Irma left behind an unwelcome guest for a James Island resident — an alligator in her yard.

“Help. My friend has an alligator in her yard. It’s fenced in. James island Called DNR but closed,” neighbor Ryan Nelson said in a tweet.

Her street address was not immediately available. The island experience widespread flooding Monday afternoon, which often results in gators relocating.

The Department of Natural Resources’ office was closed, but The Post and Courier reached Lt. Angus McBride on his cellphone. He said he had already heard about the situation through social media and had passed on his cell number for the resident to call him for advice.

McBride said his immediate advice would be to keep any dogs in the house and see if the gator makes its way out of the yard by itself.

Meanwhile, a DNR spokesperson said she would also pass along the DNR wildlife hotline, which is 1-800-922-5431.

“Unless our operators are currently overloaded with other calls, they should be able to reach someone there and find out if this is a situation our officers can respond to,” spokesperson Erin Weeks said.