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Rocky Mount residents try again to voice their concerns to council members

January 28, 2019 GMT

A meeting on Monday afternoon will once again bring together hundreds of Rocky Mount residents who have concerns to bring up with council members.

While Rocky Mount council members met behind closed doors on Jan. 21, hundreds of residents waited to voice their growing list of complaints.

Much of the group wants Rochelle Small Toney to resign or be dismissed from her role as Rocky Mount’s city manager. Among other reasons, there is concern about a recent remodeling at Small Toney’s office and what appears to be a violation of rules that have city employees live in city limits.

On Jan. 21, after the council met for hours in closed session, the mayor said no action would be taken against the city manager. A statement was put on Facebook addressing a list of resident concerns.

“A lot of people are mad,” said Clark Covolo. “I do know that the team behind me is calling for the dismissal of Rochelle Small Toney for failure to maintain a viable and sustainable working environment.”

Residents are also concerned about the selection of a police chief, since the city has been without a chief since last year. City Council members did not want to comment.

“We’d hope we’d at least hear they were going to do something. Or that some action was going to be taken. Not just nothing,” said Linda Gilbert.

Residents left disappointed last week but will try again on Monday.

“We just want the truth to be known. And for the right actions to be taken. And there’s seven people to be held accountable, not just one,” said Lynette Koger.

WRAL News reached out to the city manager’s office for comment but did not near back. WRAL will be present for Monday’s 4 p.m. meeting, which will include public comment.

The agenda is available online.