French far-right youth official resigns over racial slur

March 12, 2018
French far right leader Marine Le Pen delivers a speech during the weekend's party congress in Lille, northern France, Sunday, March. 11, 2018. She will propose a name change for the National Front at this weekend's party congress to symbolize an identity makeover designed to lift the party from the political netherworld where it has dwelled since Le Pen's calamitous loss in France's presidential election 10 months ago. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

PARIS (AP) — A young official of France’s far-right National Front has resigned after he was recorded using a racial slur outside a congress aimed at remaking the party’s identity.

Davy Rodriguez, the No. 2 in the party’s youth wing, was “ambassador” of the weekend congress to transform the anti-immigration party into one apt to govern.

He tweeted on Monday that he was resigning, and condemned the slur but questioned whether he made the remark.

A video on social networks showed an agitated Rodriguez using a racial slur about a black man outside a bar.

He announced his resignation minutes after party leader Marine Le Pen said Rodriguez would “very probably” be excluded after an investigation.

Le Pen was being interviewed on TV about several controversies that arose after the congress.