Recount scheduled for Ward 5 election in Beaver Dam

April 9, 2019 GMT

A recount is coming after a razor-thin election in the city of Beaver Dam.

In last Tuesday’s election for the Ward 5 seat, challenger Betsy Ramsdale lost to incumbent Mick Fischer by three votes, 87-90. Officials will recount the ballots on Wednesday at City Hall, 205 S. Lincoln Avenue, at 3:15 p.m.

They will check to see if any ballots have a vote that a human eye can understand but a machine could not. Under Wisconsin law, candidates may request a recount in elections with fewer than 4,000 votes when the difference was within 40 votes.

There was a recount in the election for Ward 2 last year. On Election Night that year, the results showed that challenger Therese Henriksen defeated incumbent Mary Flaherty with 82 votes to Flaherty’s 79.

Flaherty requested a recount and Henriksen actually gained one vote for a final result of 83-79. Henriksen received the extra vote after counters saw that a voter had used a check mark for Henriksen instead of filling in the bubble. Voters are supposed to use a bubble on their ballot so a machine can read it, but the voter’s intent was clear to the humans looking at that ballot.

The local board of canvassers will conduct the recount and review the ballots and voter lists to check for any changes that needed to be made. The candidates have an opportunity to make any objections.