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LETTER: Reach out to homeless among us

August 14, 2018 GMT

This Letter comes in response to a Letter in Sunday’s Journal Opinion section from a gentleman who questioned the priorities and spending practices of our city government. While I applaud the work by the powers that be, for their desire to make my city a pleasant place in which to live, work, and play, I too must question their lack of decisive plans to assist the less fortunate among us.

Recently, our Bible study group from Immanuel Lutheran Church visited Cook Park on a warm morning to provide food and cold water to our city’s homeless. We were told by several homeless folks that, on the whole, our city does virtually nothing to be of assistance, as opposed to some other cities. We were told other cities provide breakfast in numerous locations for their homeless. Other cities provide even more generously. This comes from folks who have had the misfortune of being homeless for many, many years. They know the drill. They see the lack of compassion, the condescenion and shortsightedness. This is a problem, it is a growing problem. These folks live among us, yet we, as a city, typically close our eyes to their need.

I would urge some of the City Council members to visit the park, to see for themselves the faces of those they have forgotten. There is nothing to fear. We were treated with respect and were shown gratitude by all we met, so our group has plans to revisit the park again soon, to chat with these folks, and get to know them just a bit. We seek no accolades, we merely share what we have with those most in need - our homeless neighbors. Who will join us? - Diane Baker, Sioux City