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Chatham County group claims probation officer has Confederate ties

May 17, 2019 GMT

A group of citizens in Chatham County is asking for a probation officer to be removed from his job because of ties he has to a Confederate heritage group.

Blair, a spokesman for the group who asked WRAL not to use his last name, said the officer’s position as commander of the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans is in conflict with his responsibility to be fair and impartial.

“If you can’t be impartial to how you do your job, we have a real problem,” said Blair.

“Their group in particular has been has been photographed marching with white supremacists and racist organizations,” Blair said, pointing out that probation officers can make decisions about whether people, many of them people of color, are allowed to be free in society.


Blair wants DPS to do more than just remove Stone.

“What we asked for was that they also review some of the cases Mr. Stone has been involved with for signs of bias,” he said.

WRAL reached out to Stone on the phone. He declined to comment.

“We take these allegations very seriously. Community Corrections is looking into the matter and will take actions deemed most appropriate,” Department of Public Safety Community Corrections Director Tracy Lee said.

A DPS spokesperson said Stone was still employed and on the job Thursday.