Cory Booker unveils plan to combat suicides by gun

May 14, 2019 GMT

Sen. Cory A. Booker on Tuesday unveiled more details of his gun control agenda, saying more needs to be done to combat suicides by gun.

The plan includes a few pieces from a more sweeping gun proposal the 2020 presidential candidate released last week, including instituting a federal licensing system and incentivizing states to pass “extreme risk” or “red flag” laws that temporarily suspend the gun rights of potentially dangerous people.

The plan also calls for new gun storage rules and an expansion of education and training for health professionals on suicide prevention efforts.


Mr. Booker’s campaign also said he would appoint a new senior-level White House official to “deploy all available tools to end gun violence and suicide.”

The New Jersey Democrat said suicide by gun is a part of the broader gun issue that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

“We should be doing so much more as a country to stop these preventable deaths, and it’s shameful that the gun lobby is standing in the way,” Mr. Booker said. “We have the knowledge and tools to address this epidemic and as president, I won’t be afraid to act and make reducing suicide a key priority.”

Last week, Mr. Booker had introduced a more comprehensive gun control proposal that also included an expansion of gun-purchase background checks and a ban on semiautomatic firearms, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, among other items.