Priscilla Presley: We were ‘gifted’ to have known Elvis Presley

August 17, 2017 GMT

Priscilla Presley says the world was “gifted to have” her ex-husband Elvis Presley.

The 72-year-old actress was married to the musical icon from 1967 until 1973, and during a visit to the star’s famous estate Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, to mark the 40th anniversary since his death, she praised her former flame as “generous” and “authentic”.

Priscilla said: “When you come here [Graceland] and you see everything that he accomplished, I think even when he was able to afford so much, he never lost who he was. He was still God-fearing, he still loved to entertain. He was very, very generous. He was very authentic. What you see is what you got with Elvis. He wasn’t trying to be anyone else. And he was a very, very special human being and we were all gifted to have him.”

And Priscilla - who has 49-year-old daughter Lisa Marie with the late ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ rocker - also reflected on Elvis’ “devastating” passing in 1977, which came at a time when she “never thought” he would die.

Speaking to ‘Entertaiment Tonight’, she added: “I’m around so many fans coming in and doing some interviews, and it’s a definite reminder of his passing, and of course, thinking about him at this particular time.

“A devastating time for myself and of course, the world, to hear the news, and it’s still unbelievable because he’s so much a part of our lives - my life and my daughter’s life and everyone around him. When we get together, we talk about it, and the impact it made ... for myself, and for my cohorts, who of course knew Elvis so well, we never thought he’d pass. We just never, ever had that in our minds.”

Priscilla and Lisa Marie - alongside her children Benjamin, 24, and eight-year-old twins Harper and Finley - also took part in a candlelight vigil in honour of Elvis during their visit to Graceland on Wednesday (16.08.17).