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Crosby experiences Donkey Polo

February 17, 2019

Some people fell off their donkeys, most couldn’t get their donkeys to go where they wanted them to.

A couple of times per match, one of the players would get his or her donkey right by the big blue ball and try to hit it towards the goal, designated by the space between two barrels that were set up in the arena of the Crosby Fairgrounds on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 16.

The contestants and the spectators appeared to have a lot of fun at the Crosby Young Farmers third annual Donkey Polo event.

Donkey Polo somewhat resembles regular polo, only a lot less graceful. People could walk around leading, or, rather, trying to lead, their donkeys towards the ball, but they could only hit the ball with their broom when they were on the donkey.

Crosby Young Farmers President Wilton Schexnayder discovered the idea online a few years ago. Now the group uses the event to raise money.

They rent the donkeys, four per team, from a company in Tennessee.

The money raised from the event goes to scholarships for Crosby Future Farmers of America members and to adult continuing education related to agriculture, as per the group’s mission.

Jamie Schexnayder, the group’s unofficial media relations person, pointed out that the Crosby Young Farmers are going to put on the event again next year, and she encourages people to come out.