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Cat Emerges From Storm Drain After 5 Weeks

March 9, 1990

SCARBOROUGH, Maine (AP) _ Tootsie the cat is back in her nice, warm home after spending five weeks in a snow-covered storm drain.

″The poor, little thing looked awful when we got her out. She was just skin and bones,″ said Nicole Lonsdale, who helped find the cat for her neighbors, Peter and Teri Tyson.

Tootsie disappeared Jan. 26, apparently entering an open storm drain which was sealed off by a snow plow clearing the road in this southern Maine city, the Tysons said.

The Tysons and neighbors searched the area, but gave up hope of finding the 6-year-old cat until late last week.

Tyson was chatting with Lonsdale in her driveway Saturday when he heard a faint meow from the nearby drain. He prided the lid off the drain with a crowbar, then got a ladder and climbed into the drain, calling Tootsie’s name.

The cat poked her head out of a pipe and scampered for Tyson, who wrapped her in a pillowcase.

″It’s been freezing and there is no food down there and water would have been running on her,″ said Lonsdale, who carried the cat home to an amazed Mrs. Tyson.

An animal hospital said no special medical attention was necessary, so the Tysons and their two children have simply been pampering their pet.

″She wants to be around us all the time now,″ Mrs. Tyson said.

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