Guregian: Meeting with Mom just latest reason for Tom Brady to smile

August 9, 2017 GMT

FOXBORO — Tom Brady is in such a good place right now. He’s 40 years old, but you would never know it watching him on a football field.

The past two days, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been marvelling at how great the Patriots quarterback is after dealing with him in joint practice sessions.

Then there’s Brady’s offense. His newest toy, wide receiver Brandin Cooks, has been awesome to watch, flying past Jaguars defenders almost at will. Tight end Dwayne Allen also has been impressive both days. And for good measure, tight end Rob Gronkowski made his presence felt with a monster day yesterday, dominating the Jaguars with seven catches in team drills.

This is not what rest of the league wants to hear about the defending Super Bowl champs.

But the best part of Brady’s day?

Walking off the field and seeing his mom, Galynn Brady. She was there flanked by other family members. It was a special moment for the QB, who’s been smiling ever since training camp began.

Flashing back six months, Brady wasn’t sure if his mother was going to make it to Super Bowl LI. Her health was in serious question at the time.

She had been undergoing cancer treatment which had kept her grounded the entire season. But she made it to Houston, where she watched Brady and the Patriots rally from 25 points down to beat the Atlanta Falcons and then celebrated with him on the field after the game.

And yesterday, she was up for a different challenge. The trip from California was a surprise belated birthday present for her son — and judging by the joy in Brady’s face, it made his day.

Galynn Brady finished her treatment months ago and has been travelling and playing golf, according to a conversation we had with her husband, Tom Sr., not long ago. Recently, she received a Super Bowl ring from Pats owner Robert Kraft.

“That was a great gesture by the Krafts,” former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest, who interviewed Brady on NFL Network, said. “Tom means so much to the organization. It was a classy thing to do.”

Brady was beaming the minute he walked off the field. From having his mother and other family members there, to being happy with how everything is working with the offense and also being thrilled with how he feels. Everything is looking up.

He is 40 after all.

McGinest, who knows Brady pretty well, believes he’s motivated by people who think he’s going to fall off a cliff performance-wise given his age. Brady does love proving people wrong.

“Everybody’s throwing that 40 number around,” McGinest said. “When you have a player like that who’s competing at all levels for years, who’s constantly looking for things to motivate himself, that’s the thing now. People keep talking about his age. I think it’s already got him.”

As for his new weapons, Brady told McGinest it’s still about getting on the same page, although it’s looking pretty darn good with Cooks already.

“Any time you add new players, you add different skill sets,” Brady told McGinest on NFL Network. “What Dwayne can do, what Brandin can do are unique to them. When you get them and add them to what we have .?.?. you can try new things.”

And those new things can be pretty much unstoppable. At least, that’s how it has looked in practice against the Jaguars. All of which has made Brady a happy camper after two joint sessions. He’s starting off his 18th NFL season in a really good zone. He really looks no different than last year.

But, then again, when looking at the more important things in life, Brady has even more reason to smile.

Mom’s in town. And she looks great.