Dawn’s Dog Rescue Story

February 2, 2019

Our pets are beloved family members, and we want to keep them safe and well. People who say they are “just animals” have absolutely no idea of the depth of our love and relationship with our furkids. And try as we might to take the best care of our pets as we possibly can, the unexpected can occur without warning, rattling our world. Imagine letting your two dogs out in your fenced-in, well secured backyard for an evening potty. And they shockingly both quickly disappear without warning! Such was the case last week on a Thursday evening for my long-time friend, Dawn Miklich. Facing the unthinkable Dawn is the pet parent of a Springer Spaniel named Mellie and a Jack Russell Terrier named Malarky. Dawn resides in Forty Fort. Last Thursday evening, she let both dogs into her backyard shortly before 8 p.m. She noticed shortly thereafter that Malarky was standing at the back door but Mellie was not. It was not uncommon for the two dogs to not be together. When Dawn peered into the yard, which was partially lit, she could not see the white on Mellie’s body moving about. Dawn shook the treat bag, which did not elicit a response either. Dawn then entered her backyard to see what had become of Mellie while Malarky trailed behind her. Suddenly, Dawn turned to find that Malarky had disappeared from sight as well! What?? Upon closer inspection, Dawn noticed a dark circle on the ground near the garage, and this image was unfamiliar to her. Even in her panic, Dawn was wise and cautious and did not approach this area but went into the house and got a broom. She poked the broom into the dark area and immediately realized that this was a hole. She called 911. Thank goodness for emergency personnel Quickly responding were the Kingston/Forty Fort Fire Department, and the Forty Fort Police Department. It was quickly established that both dogs had fallen into this hole. It was also established that the rescue teams had to proceed with great caution since the stability of the surrounding ground was unknown. The Luzerne County Technical Rescue Team was summoned and arrived. It was necessary for the rescue team to wait for a trench truck. This vehicle had the necessary equipment and staff trained to proceed safely with such a rescue, and they could evaluate the condition of the surrounding ground. Rescue workers kept assuring Dawn that her dogs would be successfully saved from their entrapment. An amazing rescue With some additional light and after stabilizing the surrounding ground, rescuers used catch poles to secure each dog and pull them up from the hole, which had been determined to be 12 to 14 ft. deep with surrounding brick on the sides. It was revealed that this subsidence was the presence of a dry well. The amount of rain and the soft soaked ground resulted in this well opening up. Dawn had no idea until this time that such a well existed on her property. Rescuers told Dawn that when the dogs were pulled up they would immediately be transported to a veterinarian for medical evaluation. When the dogs were safely pulled from the well, each was caked in cold, slimy mud. The police cruiser immediately put small terrier Malarky into their car for immediate transport to receive medical treatment as they were very concerned about her body temperature. Jeff and Tracey Chopick of the Luzerne County Animal Response Team (CART) had arrived and determined that Springer Spaniel Mellie’s condition was stable, and she was transported by her owner. Malarky was bathed and put under dryers to warm her while they proceeded to bathe Mellie. Afterward, Dr. Stair examined both dogs and determined that they were fine and had thankfully suffered no broken bones or internal injuries. Truly a miracle. Both dogs were released to their home where they could receive some badly needed rest and lots of TLC. The aftermath In the meantime, Dawn was trying to recover from the shock and stress of this whole incident. Throughout this traumatic ordeal, Dawn had the presence of mind to keep herself safe and not act impulsively, possibly putting herself in danger as well. During this rescue, Dawn’s street had been closed due to all of the emergency vehicles that had answered the call. Give thanks On behalf of all animal lovers, I want to thank everyone involved in this rescue. Thank you to the emergency crews, Jeff and Tracey, and Dr. Stair for giving your time, knowledge and support in making this scary incident result in a happy ending while keeping everyone safe and out of harm’s way. THANK YOU. This is proof positive that even the most vigilant pet owner can have the unexpected happen in the blink of an eye. There is so much bad in our everyday news. I am so happy, honored, and grateful to write about the heroes among us in my column today. A big shout out to you all. It is reassuring to know that there are folks truly committed to the safety of our beloved pets and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their well being and safety. Each pet is an individual Each pet that we own has individual characteristics that are all their own. Such is the case with my pup, Swayze. I keep Swayze in an ex pen while I am at work. The wire is pretty heavy, not flimsy by any means. Well, Swayze has learned to walk the walls of his ex pen wherever he wants to go! NONE of my dogs have ever done this!! I never know where I am going to find that little monkey at the end of my work day. And my tuxedo cat, Mojo, loves to open cabinet doors. His favorite game is to quietly lie in wait under the kitchen sink, jump out and scare the gajeebies out of me when I am washing dishes! What a crew. They keep me on my toes. Love them all. Pet expo More news: The pet expo in Kingston will be held the last weekend in March. Mark your calendars! As always, I look forward to meeting my readers, and of course, Smudge, and newbie Swayze, will both be in attendance. Fun! Dog bless. Judy Endo writes about pets. Contact her at judyendo@outlook.com.