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July 1, 1989

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A thief has dealt a blow to the ad campaign for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming movie ″Lock Up.″

″This was very important for us,″ producer Chuck Gordon said after learning someone stole five ″trailers,″ or promotional previews that are run in theaters.

The theft occurred Friday when a courier driving the five film canisters to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport left his car to get coffee, said Gordon.

″I don’t know what they’d be worth to somebody, but it was worth a lot to us as far as exposure,″ the producer said.

The stolen trailers were scheduled for screenings in Los Angeles during this weekend’s anticipated box office bonanza spawned by the ″Batman″ release.

In ″Lock Up,″ co-starring Donald Sutherland, Stallone plays an underdog in prison. The movie will be released nationwide Aug. 4.


LONDON (AP) - Andrew Lloyd Webber, who brought ″The Phantom of the Opera″ to the stage, was the phantom of the wedding Saturday.

Lloyd Webber was supposed to stand up as best man for his brother, Julian, who married Zohra Ghazi, a 25-year-old Afghan princess.

The composer telephoned his regrets at the last minute, pleading that he was too busy working on the record album from his latest hit, ″Aspects of Love.″

Julian Lloyd Webber, 38, was has made his reputation as a cellist, was divorced from his first wife eight weeks ago.

He and Princess Zohra were married in a 20-minute private ceremony, conducted in Persian at her grandmother’s London home. It was followed by a short service at Central Hall, Westminster, conducted by a Methodist minister, the Rev. John Tudor.

The bride’s great-uncle is the exiled King Zahir Shah, who lives in Rome.


NEW YORK (AP) - Singer Paul Simon, whose Graceland tour included recent sold-out performances in the Soviet Union and Germany, has canceled three concerts in Italy this week.

The cancellations were a result of contractual difficulties with the promoter, Simon spokesman Dan Klores said Saturday. The concerts were scheduled for Sunday in Rome, Tuesday in Moderna and Wednesday in Milan.

The tour will resume Friday in France. Joining Simon, as in his U.S. engangements, are Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela and the group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The 24-day tour is covering 12 cities.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Country music singer K.D. Lang says her androgynous appearance has drawn both good and bad attention.

″I think my persona definitely has caused attention,″ she said in an interview. ″Whether it’s negative or positive, it’s definitely generated some sort of interest. And I think it’s good, because I think a lot of women have felt trapped for a long time, felt the need to conform to the sequined gowns and stuff.″

The short-haired Lang often uses no makeup, and sometimes dresses up in clothing associated with men.

″I’m aware of how alternative my looks are in comparison with other women. I get flak for it. I’ve felt resistance to it,″ she said.

Lang has just released her third album, ″Absolute Torch and Twang.″ She is known for her duet with the late Roy Orbison on a remake of Orbison’s hit, ″Crying.″


BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Marriage is uniting two of Idaho’s most famous families, with the engagement of Kelly Andrus, the youngest daughter of Gov. Cecil Andrus.

Ms. Andrus, a 28-year-old legal secretary, confirmed Friday that she plans to marry Chase Church, 31, son of the late Sen. Frank Church, late this summer or early fall. She said Church would move to Boise from Washington, D.C.

Both families have been prominent in Idaho Democratic Party politics for generations.

Cecil Andrus has been elected Idaho governor three times and was Interior secretary under President Carter. Frank Church, who died in 1984, was a senator for 24 years and ran for the Demcratic nomination for president in 1976.

Frank Church’s widow, Bethine Chase Church, also is from a historically prominent Idaho family, including a federal judge, a governor and two U.S. senators.


GENEVA (AP) - Andrei Sakharov, the once-shackled dissident rehabilitated by reforms in the Soviet Union, is meeting with fellow physicists in tour of Western Europe.

On Friday, he visited the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, a huge research center straddling the French-Swiss border.

Sakharov, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was welcomed by the lab’s Director General Carlo Rubbia, who shared the 1984 Nobel Prize for Physics with Simon van der Meer for their role in the discovery of three subatomic particles.

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