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American Legion Post 629 hosts patriotic parade and contest

July 2, 2018

A sense of patriotism was felt on June 30 in the Camilla area when American Legion Post 629 hosted a parade of motorcycles, Slingshots and golf carts decked out in red, white and blue colors.

Post 629 hosted the parade for any who chose to enter, with ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, Slingshots and lawnmowers all acceptable as parade entrants.

“We wanted to do something to represent freedom,” said Robert Elledge of Post 629.

Entries showed off their vehicles painted red, white and blue and complete with lights, inflatables of Uncle Sam and other patriotic symbols of the United States.

Entrants paid $20 per entry with their parade vehicles. The vehicles were judged for their appearances for best decorated judging. The first place winner, which is Robert and Debby Elledge received a payout of the money.

Post 629 waited for the cover of darkness to start the parade. All of the vehicles left Post 629 and made their way down around the different areas near Browder’s Marina before circling back to the post. They passed out candy to children camping out at Browder’s Marina along the way.

Elledge says the purpose of the contest and the parade is to remind everyone the meaning and significance of patriotism.

“We wanted to bring back the logistics of pride from the Fourth of July and what it meant,” he said. “So we decided that on the Fourth of July that we would decorate in our patriotic colors and have a contest out of it and represent who we represent as American Legion. We’re very proud of what we stand for.”