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Shiffman taking middle road to Congressional seat

October 4, 2017 GMT

LAUGHLIN — Steve Schiffman is throwing his name into the hat to run for the U.S. Congressional District 3 seat being vacated by Rep. Jacky Rosen.

Schiffman is running as a Democratic candidate and is one of several candidates running for the seat including Republican David McKeon who recently visited Laughlin. According to media reports the list of candidates include Hermon Farahi, Richard Hart, Susie Lee, Jack Love and Michael Weiss as Democrats along with Schiffman. Republican candidates are Eddie Hamilton, Scott Hammond, McKeon, Victoria Seaman and Lynda Tache.

Schiffman is proud to say he’s a middle of the road kind of guy, he said. He’s a Democratic candidate but his political philosophies are more central than a particular platform. He believes it is important to be in the middle because it reflects the ability to compromise and shows that multiple opinions and viewpoints are being considered instead of a strict ideology that may leave out members of the public.

He said he considers each issue individually and decides from there, leading to some beliefs leaning left and some right. Most people are like that and the political climate doesn’t reflect that there’s more common ground than believed. Rhetoric is what’s extreme, not necessarily ideas, he continued.

His goal is use a common sense approach and doing what’s right, Schiffman said.

In talking with the Laughlin Nevada Times, Schiffman repeated the John. F. Kennedy quote of “ask not what your country can do for you, aks what you can do for your country.” Schiffman said that comment is as valid now as it was at that time. It’s important for the public to be involved with politics and government to ensure the best results, he added.

That said, part of why he’s running is because he believes it to be his civic duty, but also because he, like many, can see the divide and is interested in trying to address the issue. Schiffman said there’s no longer any sort of team spirit amongst the public or the government and there needs to be. Part of why the political climate has gone the route it has is because of people feeling marginalized and being left out of the decision making, he continued.

Accountability through transparency is one of Schiffman’s key principles in his campaign. His website also outlines additional principles such as looking ahead, not behind; welcoming new ideas with open minds; striving for quality education; public access to healthcare and several others.

Schiffman said outreach is a huge deal these days. He doesn’t feel that government knows all, sees all and feels all so it’s important to have the public involved and giving guidance, he added.

More information can be viewed at his website at schiffmanforcongress2018.com or send email to steve@schiffmanforcongress2018.com.