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Fifth-grader wins Butts County spelling bee

February 3, 2018

It took Jason Palumbo 10 rounds to get all the way to “Nashville,” winning first place in the Butts County School System spelling bee by spelling the name of the country music capital of the world.

Palumbo, a fifth-grader representing Stark Elementary School, won the system-wide competition Friday in the 10th round after the other finalist, Malorie Lunsford of Daughtry Elementary School, bowed out on the word “garment.”

Other competitors included Henderson Middle School student Caleb Phillips, who was tripped up by the sailing term “cringle” in the ninth round, and Davinna Creamer of Jackson Elementary School, who made a misstep on “miracle” earlier in the competition.

Palumbo and Lunsford received trophies sponsored by the Butts County Association of Educators. All four competitors received gift bags filled with goodies from more than a dozen local businesses.

Each school also sent its second-place winners to the contest, though none of the alternates were called upon to compete. They were Jacob Baker of Jackson Elementary, Mia Martin of Stark, Samantha Patterson of Henderson and Lincoln Sears of Daughtry.

“You are all winners,” Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Melinda Ellis said.