How well does ‘Sneaky Pete’ know Bridgeport?

March 19, 2018 GMT

On March 9, Amazon debuted the second season of its popular drama “Sneaky Pete,” which centers on con man Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi), who assumes the identity of his former prison cellmate Pete (Ethan Embry). The show, as fans know, is largely set in Bridgeport, where Pete’s family has a bail bonds business.

The show is clearly not shot in the Park City (though certain key season two scenes were filmed at Mohegan Sun), but mostly in locations throughout New York. Chances are, Bridgeport residents who watch the show will get a kick out of some of its local references — and possibly wonder whether any one associated with the show has ever set foot here.

Below is a list of some of the local references on season two of “Sneaky Pete”:

* One character, a Bridgeport cop, seems relieved that an investigation that could incriminate him and his family is being handled by the Fairfield police. “They’re not idiots,” he quips. “But they are idiot adjacent.”

* A character’s young daughter goes to “Bridgeport Elementary School,” — a name so generic, they should have just called it “Connecticut learnin’ place.”

* At some point, Marius discusses a meet-up at the “Bridgeport Hotel.” Does he mean the Holiday Inn in Bridgeport? What is with all the generic names?

* A character is seen reading a newspaper at one point. No, it’s not the Connecticut Post. It’s the “Bridgeport Sentinel.” Well, at least they didn’t just call it “Bridgeport Newspaper.”

* Marius and his team plan a heist at Mohegan Sun that involves a stuffed buffalo. Some of these scenes were actually shot at the casino, so, obviously, they feel more authentic than the Bridgeport scenes. Also, who doesn’t love a heist that manages to incorporate a stuffed buffalo?