U.S. House 3 candidate: Rick Snuffer (R)

March 27, 2018

NAME: Rick Snuffer

CANDIDATE FOR: West Virginia’s Third Congressional District

PARTY: Republican


HOME CITY: Grandview


PERSONAL STATEMENT: A laborer, carpenter, & electrician who worked his way up to become Vice-President of a construction company. Conservative former Legislator who effectively fought for smaller state government and transparency. A Job Creator who knows how to get Washington out of your way. Christian Conservative who has stood for Religious Freedoms and Traditional West Virginia Values. Rick’s Top Issues: Protecting Life, Families, Freedom, Faith, Small Businesses and Middle Income America. Reducing Washington’s waste and interference into your everyday Life.

AGE: 56

EDUCATION: RBA – Bluefield State College; completing Masters Marshall University.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION: Managing Member, Rick Snuffer Construction, LLC.

1. What measures would you support to address the budget deficit and the national debt?

Continue current economic growth. Pass Balanced Budget Amendment. Cut excess government

2. What steps do you think congress should take to ensure access to affordable healthcare for all Americans?

Get illegals and all healthy, able-bodied American men off the system. Repeal Obamacare fully. Go after Medical fraud: Insurance companies/ Pharmaceutical companies/ Providers who abuse system. See where these 3 simple steps have us before taking additional action

3. West Virginia has been especially hard hit by the opioid abuse epidemic. What do you see as the role of Congress in addressing this crisis?

Enacting policies that Strengthen Families ! Enforce the laws on the books. Go back to educating Students in early Elementary School. Drug test ALL elected officials and those on Public Assistance – get them drug intervention treatment. Embrace/encourage Faith-based Treatment Programs

4. What measures could help prevent gun violence and mass shootings?

Enacting policies that strengthen Families ! Enforce existing laws. Reduce ‘gun-free’ zones. Trained, armed guards on military installations/college campuses/public schools

5. What measures do you favor on background checks for gun purchases?

Enforce those in place.

6. How do you think coal fits into the United States’ energy policy?

#1 Source of electrical generation

7. With the increased incidence of black lung disease in recent years, does more need to be done to protect miners’ health and safety?


8. Do you support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline?


9. What can you do on the federal level to improve the economic situation in West Virginia?

Continue the excellent job Congressman Evan Jenkins has done. Support Conservative Fiscal Policies (unlike the latest Federal Spending Bill).

10. Do you support a reduction in Medicaid coverage?

I support the elimination of those on the Medicaid roles who are not supposed to be there: illegal immigrants and healthy, able-bodied men.

11. Do you support immigration reform? What, if any, changes would you make?

Amend the 14th Amendment to take out the words “All persons born” and change to “All persons born to American citizens.” Secure our borders; including, but not limited to, building a southern border wall. Eliminate ‘sanctuary cities’ and prosecute violators

12. What are the United States’ essential security interests and needed outcomes with North Korea?

Although initially ridiculed by ‘so-called experts’; President Trump’s tough stance towards North Korea has brought about important and unprecedented results. We must now: Eliminate their nuclear program. End their hostilities towards South Korea and Japan. Normalize relations

13. Do you favor more federal aid to states to upgrade equipment and systems in order to protect election procedures?


14. Should the federal government provide more funds for broadband in underserved areas? Why or why not?

There is currently Plenty of money available through USDA Programs; the money has just been wasted and mismanaged through the years. This program is now headed in the right direction in WV !

15. Do you think the outline for infrastructure improvements from President Trump can be effective? Why or why not?

No unfunded mandates ! Infrastructure improvements are necessary throughout the US and in West Virginia specifically; but NOT for special projects/bridges to nowhere/political payback - like US Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) tunnel !! IF the size of and waste in the federal government were cut, there would be plenty of money for infrastructure repair/improvement