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Our children’s future and the detrimental One-Percenters

November 16, 2018 GMT

Since that dreadful day in December 2012, we in Sandy Hook and Connecticut have had a front row seat in observing the weaknesses in our democracy, and what is wrong with our nation.

Naively, many of us believed our government would revive the ban on dangerous weapons to protect our children — or would at least pass an innocuous Background Check law.

How wrong we were. Today our children and their future are in much greater jeopardy than they were in 2012, not only because we have a president who opposes gun control, and whose actions encourage gun violence but also for a bigger reason — he and his Republican Congress have backed out of the Paris Climate Agreement that could have major consequences for our children.

Many of the problems we are experiencing today are caused by a group of One-Percenters, and also problems we inherited from our Founding Fathers.

They were leaders in their Colonies, and wealthy slave owners and could be considered the One-Percenters of their day. Some of them were concerned they would lose their power and independence to a tyrannical federal government and army, and would not join the Federation unless the states were given more power — thus the Second Amendment that ensured the Colonies, when they became states, would continue to maintain their militias (armies of the people) and arms, (which included howitzer cannons and mortars).

Basically, these powerful independent states became a Europe on the American continent, and when they grew to over 30, they settled a disputed over taxation and slavery, not with ballots — but with bullets and cannons — causing more fatalities than all our other wars combined.

The Founding Fathers tried to create a nation with democratic ideals, but unfortunately, the Founders were people from a white skin race who were enslaving people from a black skin race (who they considered were property) and taking the land, and killing people from a red skin race. And add to that, besides women, they didn’t allow men from the white skin race who didn’t own land to vote.

Not the best way to start a nation of “We the People” with democratic principles.

Those are the reasons why we have Red and Blue states, rampant racism, an undemocratic way to select a president, and a President Trump.

There still are powerful One-Percenters today who influence laws passed that are detrimental to the welfare of our country. To name a few of their industries: the gun and ammunition, fossil fuel, health insurance, tobacco, banking and finance — and all have a home in Trump’s National Republican Party.

This is not to infer these One-Percenters influence only the Republican Party. Goldman Sachs and other One-Percenters from Wall Street financed Barack Obama to become a senator and president. And 12 Goldman Sachs employees from Wall Street went into President Obama’s White House instead of jail.

Prior to Sandy Hook, the only gun law Obama passed was to permit guns in National Parks for the gun Industry.

And we can ask why did Hillary get $200,000 from Goldman Sachs to make one speech?

It is obvious the gun industry One-Percenters also influenced the Republican-controlled Congress not to pass an innocuous Background Check bill — even though 90 percent of our citizens wanted it. That’s not the way a democracy should work.

And One-Percenters’ influence won again when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. They now have a majority of Supreme Court Justices again who will kowtow to their corporations in court cases.

But let me get back to that dreadful day in December, and what this letter is all about. If we really love our children, and are concerned about their future, the one thing we have to do is stop the detrimental group of One-Percenters from running our country and deciding our laws, and also wake up the other One-Percenters. They have children too.

Paul Adinolfi is a concerned grandfather from Sandy Hook.