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Tanning Salon Owner Charged in Secret Nude Videotaping

July 19, 1994 GMT

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) _ The owner of a combination tanning salon and video rental store was charged Monday with child abuse for allegedly making secret videotapes of girls who tanned in the nude.

David K. Paro was charged in Dallas County Circuit Court with using a hidden camera to tape 10 girls under age 18 for sexual stimulation or gratification. He was released on $25,000 bond and a preliminary hearing was scheduled Aug. 29.

The daughters of the Dallas County sheriff and prosecutor were among 83 women authorities say were videotaped at Paro’s Videoland store in Buffalo.


Prosecutor Wayne Rieschel said he discovered the camera when he dropped by Videoland last May to visit his wife, who was using the tanning bed. Authorities recovered four tapes.

The incident quickly brought national attention to Buffalo, a town of about 2,400 residents 30 miles north of Springfield.

Charges weren’t filed sooner because Missouri has no law against secret videotaping. But the taping of nude minors falls under the state’s child abuse statute, said state Attorney General Jay Nixon.

Paro, a former city councilman whose father is Buffalo’s mayor, told the Springfield News-Leader he regrets videotaping the women.

″I wasn’t really doing it for money or the thrill - it was just sort of a prank, you know. It was just to see if it could be done,″ he said.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 70 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.