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Your Turn: Dec. 23

December 22, 2018 GMT

Castro roadblockJulián Castro has to be upset that his potential presidential campaign is being upset by Robert O’Rourke.Castro must be wondering how a multimillionaire white guy called Beto, who pretends to represent the minority working class, has become the Democratic Party’s new face for the Latino vote. It is even more ironic when you realize O’Rourke’s political campaigns have always been run against a minority candidate.You have to question why former President Barack Obama has called O’Rourke to meet with him in D.C. yet has not called on Castro, who was his secretary of housing and urban development. Could it be because when Castro was in charge of HUD, it had over $500 billion in bookkeeping errors?Don’t feel bad, Julián. Obama never called Hillary to encourage her to run for president either.Carthel W. Williams, Spring BranchWinning ticketI believe that a ticket supporting Julián Castro for president and Beto O’Rourke as his vice president would ensure a win in 2020.Castro has a proven track record that illuminates his managerial skills — both locally and nationally. O’Rourke has shown he embodies true empathy for the disadvantaged — a skill sorely lacking in today’s politics. Also remember how he became a national celebrity and came close to beating Sen. Ted Cruz. His youthful energy reminds me of John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama.Charles “Chuck” MireNot fake newsRe: “Serial crimes, no hard time,” front page, Dec. 16:Brian Chasnoff’s article is a prime example of why we subscribe to the paper (print and electronic). That it appears on the front page is especially encouraging.I’m deeply concerned about inadequate deterrence for DWI, and I think this article will bring more serious attention to the issue.I know it’s a struggle to maintain effective local journalism these days, when it must be tempting to “outsource” news, but we are grateful that the writers and editors of the Express-News care about and have the resources to bring us stories like this one. Keep it up.Michael M. CornettSerial enablingRe: “Serial crimes, no hard time,” front page, Dec. 16:The in-depth story on a repeat offender serving no prison time, unfortunately, is not an anomaly.Whether a repeat offender serves any time is based on two factors: enablers and money. Money is the biggest factor, paying for high-dollar attorneys, fines, bail and appeals. Enablers allow the behavior to continue.I know this from firsthand experience. A drunken driver committed his fifth DWI when he crashed into my vehicle in Bandera County. The previous four DWIs occurred in Bexar County, and each time he received a slap on the wrist. My injuries were extensive and severe, resulting in countless surgeries, over a year in the hospital and years more in rehabilitation.The drunken driver was convicted of intoxication assault and awarded prison time. His family paid a lot of money to keep him on the streets while the conviction was appealed; that’s when he committed another DWI. I sued him, but his family made sure he was penniless.The appeal was eventually denied, and before the authorities could pick him up, he killed himself. If his family had allowed him to be held accountable for his behavior, they would not have had to bury their son.Even though I will live with the physiological damage for the rest of my life, I take comfort in the fact that he will never hurt anyone again. Repeat offenders pose a serious threat to public safety, yet the criminal justice does little to impose harsher restrictions on the offenders.B. Caldwell, Pipe CreekCoincidence?Re: “Serial crimes, no hard time,” front page, Dec. 16:James Preston Green has been convicted of DWI four times — but he always gets probation, even when he’s convicted while on probation. His father attends a weekly Bible study led by Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood.God may work in mysterious ways, but LaHood’s ways aren’t quite so mysterious.Ken PhelpsToo many lights?I guess I am a Grinch, but I am wondering if the tradition of lighting the trees at the University of the Incarnate Word and the River Walk, as well as houses and yards in Windcrest and other parts of the city, is cost-effective?I think it is a waste of money that could be used elsewhere and probably contributes to global warming.Gay Z. WrightPresume innocenceRe: “Where Americans stand divided,” Another View, by Alex R. Piquero and Erin Orrick, Monday:“The problem with any movement is its misuse by others for their personal gain. In the Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movements, the other side is automatically wrong. Anybody abusing blacks or women is automatically guilty until proven innocent.What happened to the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty? People and the media automatically jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts, and we try those people in the court of public opinion instead of in a court with a jury of their peers judging their innocence or guilt.There are people who see this and know that it is unfair, and that is why we are divided on this issue.Robert M. Louie, HoustonBlame fatherWhy are the media not placing responsibility on the father for the death of the 7-year-old Guatemalan girl? He took her on a 2,000-mile journey without proper provisions.He should be blamed for her death, not the Border Patrol.Doris Kinsey