Your Turn: Nov. 23

November 22, 2016

Suck it upThere were those of us who didn’t like it when Barack Obama got elected president. We sucked it up and moved on. Those protesting Donald Trump being elected president need to do the same.Doris D. KinseyNice no moreI recall that our esteemed President Barack Obama told the Republicans, “We won, get over it,” when he won his first term. I would like to remind him that the Republicans can now say, “We won, get over it,” but I would not be as nice about it.Alton F. FischerSilent too longRe: “Popovich slams election of Trump,” Front Page, Nov. 12; and “It’s time to get out of our bubbles, end the silence,” Josh Brodesky, Other Views, Nov. 12:On Nov. 12, the Express News ran two pieces that deserve praise, considered thought and action.The first was an article on esteemed Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who speaks to the thoughts of many who believe strongly in a country that values all its people and works to enhance all lives in a respectful manner. I admire his forthrightness in voicing what many are feeling: “sick” to our stomachs when thinking of the person who has been elected president. And I applaud that someone of his public stature has the courage to call out the bullying and immature and vile behavior as evidenced in the campaign.The column by Josh Brodesky is a call for all of us, including Trump supporters, to denounce the darkness “emboldened by Trump.” It especially speaks to those of us who want to wash our hands of the false specter of this country that we hold in such high esteem. We do this by decrying openly those undercurrents and by working to bring back the needed discourse for effective and fair government. Hopefully, these ideals of civility, acceptance and tolerance will prevail.Many of us have been silent too long. And others have let the ugly, often profane voice of hatred speak for them. Surely, we, as citizens, can in our lives and actions assure that this country will have a better tomorrow.Bobbie WilliamsBe a uniterAt a time when we need to pull together to unite our country, Gregg Popovich lashes out and helps divide it. A man of influence who unites the Spurs, he could have been a uniter for our city, state and country. Instead, he promoted unrest and division through his words.Laura HughesName-calling officerRe: “Popovich commits verbal foul,” Patrick Brady, Another View, Monday:As a retired military officer, I was saddened to see the Express-News publish this piece by Patrick Brady. Receiving the Medal of Honor does not confer on Brady any special moral status to make comments unworthy of a military officer. He resorts to name-calling, makes sweeping and false claims about what “veterans believe,” and tells us the country will fail if “people like Popovich get in the way.”I am surprised the Express-News found this fulminating harangue worthy of print.Retired Air Force Col. Oak DeBerg, BoerneCheese dip? Why?Re: “Arkansas’ ‘cheese dip’ latest attack on Texas,” Front Page, Nov. 4:How sad to look at the front page of a major newspaper like the San Antonio Express-News and see that the main news item is — horrors — Arkansas cheese dip.Now, that is really scary! Get the National Guard on its highest alert. If nothing else, prepare for the worst. Stock up on food, water and our own cheese.Surely, there is more important news in this tired, old world than cheese dip. And I would suggest you have the best reporters on your staff let us in on it.Grace Horn