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Bluechew Review – How Bluechew Chewable Pill Is A Boon To Men?

May 25, 2020 GMT

Men always want to have better sexual compatibility with their partners. The compatibility is often suppressed because most of them feel a little shy to visit a sexologist for the much-needed advice.

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I was one of such shy men who hated taking appointments and waiting in the long queue. All I wanted is an extra push to be better in bed, and this wish of mine was fulfilled by Bluechew. My name is Alan Mark, and here is how the Bluechew tablets helped me.

About the product

Bluechew is a brand that provides pills by licensed medical professionals to help men become extra capable of having good sex. This happens when these professionals prescribe the chewable pills of sildenafil or tadalafil.

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Ingredients of the pills

You need to know that both the pills are very different. Here is what the tablets actually are.

Sildenafil pills The sildenafil pills are just like viagra and function more quickly. They have the composition of sildenafil citrate, lactose, triacetin, and other vitamins along with some sugar to make it taste sweet and nice. The pills come in a pack of 6 tablets, and you can choose if you want to buy the 30mg ones or the 45mg ones. You can buy more according to the given plans.

Tadalafil pills Tadalafil pills take you longer in the bed and have the composition of croscarmellose sodium, iron oxide, triacetin, and some sweetener to make it taste good. These pills come in a grey packing of either four tablets or more. You can either choose 6mg or 9mg of the tadalafil pills based on the recommendation of the online medicine prescriber.

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How does it work?

Both pills work similarly, but the tadalafil pills provide a greater sexual pleasure and a longer sex duration. Here is how each of the pills works.

Sildenafil pills You can choose to take the 30mg pill or the 45mg pill of sildenafil. On chewing this sweet pill, the erection of the penis happens right after 15 minutes, and this stays in the body for 4-8 hours. This means, you can have good sex for almost 6 hours on average.

Tadalafil pills The two variants of tadalafil pills come in the form of 6mg or 9mg tablets. When you chew it, the penis becomes erect in fifteen minutes, and the composition of the pills stay in the body for around 30- 36 hours. These pills can be taken if you are planning to have prolonged and multiple sexual intercourses all day.


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Benefits of the Bluechew

Here are some benefits that will make you buy the Bluechew pills over other pills.
The pills are cost-effective when you compare them to the Viagra or other pills.
The online consultation saves money and time for you.
They work faster, and you will see it happening in 15 minutes or even lesser than that.
The pills taste good and almost like candies.
The pills are very small and can easily fit your wallet or pocket.
The Bluechew team provides you monthly refills on subscription.

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Price and a money-back guarantee, refund policy

As I have discussed above, sildenafil and tadalafil pills are affordable by any. However, you need to be above 18 to buy and use these pills. I am giving you four different quotes based on the 4 different pill compositions over here. If you are not happy with the result, you can return the pack and claim your full refund also.

1. Sildenafil pills 30mg:
a. The first quote is of 6 pills. You will end up paying only $20 per month.
b. If you go ahead in choosing 10 pills, you will pay only $30 per month.
c. If you buy 17 pills, it will cost you $50 a month.
d. You can buy 34 sildenafil pills for $90 a month.

2. Sildenafil pills 45mg:
a. You can buy 6 45mg sildenafil pills for $30 a month.
b. 10 of these 45mg pills will cost you $40 a month.
c. If you go for 17 pills, you will have to pay $65 a month.
d. The 34 pills a month package costs you $120 a month.

3. Tadalafil pills 6mg:
a. The first set of four 6mg pills costs you $20 a month.
b. If you purchase 7 of the pills, you will have to pay $30 a month.
c. It will cost you only $50 if you purchase 14 pills a month.
d. The monthly subscription of $90 is for 28 pills a month.

4. Tadalafil pills 9mg
a. If you buy 4 tadalafil pills, you will have to pay $30 monthly.
b. If you choose a subscription of 7 pills a month, you will pay $40 a month.
c. The cost of 20 pills a month will cost you $65.
d. The final quote for the subscription of 28 pills is $120.

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Side effects

You need to be careful while choosing the pills. If you are a victim of drug abuse and alcohol abuse, stay away from these pills. Do not take more than one pill at a time as it can make you dizzy, and you may have nausea. These pills are not for someone who is below the age of eighteen. This may lead to a decrease in the sperm count if you are using it and are only eighteen or lesser.

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The health issues with which these pills deal is one that is hard to narrate to anyone as people take it as a private matter. The Bluechew is doubtlessly great support for people who shy and do not come up with the issue to an expert also. Bluechew pills are extremely safe, and you can go ahead in buying them to have a great sexual life. I did not think of being this good at bed, and the pills were actually my savior. You can buy it and try it too. Order a pack today and experience the result.