#33. “Sit Down, Shut Up”

April 18, 2017 GMT

Smart Rating: 37.91Series span: 4/19/2009 - 11/21/2009Starring: Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Kristin Chenoweth”Arrested Development” creator Mitchell Hurwitz is behind this wacky animated sitcom set in a small Northeastern fishing town, where the eccentric high-school staff includes Sue Sezno, the acting principal who frequently, you know, says no; vice principal Stuart Prozackian, whose suspiciously upbeat personality under the circumstances may be chemically enhanced; Larry Slimp, an accomplished classroom instructor exiled to teaching gym; Miracle Grohe, the science teacher; Willard Deutschebog, the German teacher; Helen Klench, the uptight librarian; Andrew Sapien, the flamboyant drama teacher; Ennis Hofftard, a self-obsessed bodybuilder who wants his students to think he is cool; and Happy, the scheming custodian.