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Clinton Chided for Spurring Yalies

October 12, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Those old school ties are powerful. But President Clinton, a Yale Law School graduate, agreed Tuesday when a fellow Yalie predicted that in a certain upcoming endorsement Clinton will spurn his alma mater in favor of a rival Ivy League school.

Dr. Joel Alpert, president of the American Academy of Pediatricians, jokingly likened himself to Clinton as he introduced the president before a speech to the group.

``We both hold the title ’president,‴ Alpert said. ``We are both Yalies.″

``When asked whom you would support for the title next, I suspect it would be a Harvardian, maybe a Princetonian,″ Alpert continued. ``But for the time being, no more Yalies.″

Vice President Al Gore graduated from Harvard in 1969. Clinton is already backing Gore as his successor.

Gore’s Democratic challenger, former Sen. Bill Bradley, graduated from Princeton in 1965. Clinton would presumably back Bradley in the general election if Bradley defeated Gore.

George W. Bush, Texas governor and front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, graduated from Yale in 1968. (Alpert apparently forgot that Bush also holds a master’s degree from Harvard.)

Alpert did not explain any of this to the audience, but Clinton got the inside joke.

``That’s good,″ Clinton said, laughing. Gesturing toward the crowd, Clinton added: ``They don’t know, but I do.″ Clinton was not speaking into a microphone, and his voice could not be heard on the loudspeaker system.

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