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‘I can’t stand politics’

April 20, 2018 GMT

“I can’t stand politics.” Have you heard that phrase as much as I have? It troubles me because to be removed from government is to be removed from the vital role that we play in maintaining our God-given freedoms. And yet, I can’t blame them. Politics has turned into power grabs and personal attacks. Honesty seems to be the least likely thing you’ll find in D.C. Politicians appear to lack the only thing that actually matters — deeply rooted principles.

All of the frustrations surrounding politics has made me realize what a breath of fresh air it is to have a candidate like Raul Labrador. While opponents are busy attacking votes he missed for a child’s medical emergency, they don’t say a whole lot about the thousands of votes he has cast in Congress. Why? Because those votes prove that he is a man of principles and has stood firm for the same conservative values that he originally ran on. There will be no surprises with Gov. Labrador. He is not a recent convert to the Republican Party; his principles have been maintained for many years. Labrador is a genuinely good man who believes in Idaho and Idaho families!

If you’re tired of attack ads and people who say one thing only to do another, rest assured that there actually is someone worth voting FOR on May 15. Raul Labrador proves it’s still possible to find integrity in politics.

Stephanie Gifford,

Idaho Falls