Letter to the editor: School choice stance is offensive

March 13, 2018

Judging from their recent discussions, members of the Greensburg Salem School Board should pause and reflect on whom they serve and what their proper role is in the education process (“Greensburg Salem School Board divided on state voucher proposal”).

Ron Mellinger’s smug understanding of school choice — “I think you choose to live where you live, and if you don’t like the school you can move out” — is highly offensive to parents and deserves a public rebuke.

Just because parents want to personalize their children’s education, choose a religious school or homeschool doesn’t mean they should be treated with such disdain by Mellinger.

Instead, these parents deserve the opportunity offered in Senate Bill 2 to decide how the state dollars generated by their child are spent.

Greensburg Salem School Board members should remember they represent all taxpaying parents in the area and consider supporting every parent’s right to direct his or her children’s education. Otherwise, they may start taking Mellinger’s advice.

Greg Dolan

Fox Chapel

The writer is director of policy and outreach for Catholic Education Partners (catholicedpartners.org).