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Widow of Murdered Dissident Accuses Tehran Regime

February 9, 1993

ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) _ The widow of an Iranian dissident who had been tortured and slain accused the Tehran government today of murdering her husband.

Turkish-Iranian relations became strained recently after the discovery here of a previously unknown Muslim extremist group, Islamic Action, whose members claimed they were trained in Iran. Tehran denied involvement.

Members of the group have been implicated in the killing of the dissident, Ali Akbar Ghorbani.

Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel, meanwhile, called on Iran to cooperate in Turkey’s fight against terrorism.

Ghorbani’s body was found in a shallow grave near Istanbul last month. His widow, Djamila Islami Ghorbani, held a press conference to blame Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani for his death.

″My husband’s murderer is Rafsanjani,″ she told reporters in her hotel. ″My husband’s body was cut into pieces, his nails were pulled out, and he was strangled with an electric cord after suffering undescribable torture.″

As she spoke, about 20 demonstrators gathered outside the hotel and unfurled dissident Iranian and Mujahadeen flags and banners before leaving peacefully.

The demonstrators also carried placards and portraits of Ghorbani and other Iranian resistance figures.

″Close Down the Iranian Embassy, Consulate,″ read one placard. ″Close Down the Nests of Spies,″ read another.

Mrs. Ghorbani later accompanied the body of her husband to Paris for burial.

An Islamic Action member led police to Ghorbani’s grave in Cinarcik, 28 miles southeast of Istanbul.

In Ankara, the prime minister called on Iran to cooperate against terrorist actions by groups allegedly linked with Iran.

″We are not accusing the Iranian state directly,″ Demirel said in an address to his party’s parliamentary group.

But he added: ″Now it is up to Iran to avoid any damage to the bilateral relations.″

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