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Palo Verde College holds ceremony for graduates of Needles Center

June 8, 2018 GMT

NEEDLES — Palo Verde College Needles Center held their 2018 graduation ceremony on May 31.

Don Wallace, Ph.D., Palo Verde College president, welcomed the family and friends of the graduating class of 2018.

“This part of our college is as important as everything we do and we believe that our Needles Center may reach a student that goes on to do great things,” said Wallace. “The graduates that you see before you today are part of a long and proud history of Palo Verde College.”

The PVC Needles Center graduating class of 2018 include Cheri Bates and Allison Cameron who received their GEDs; Aaron Burns, who received a certificate of career preparation in American Sign Language plus three associates degrees in Social and Behavioral Science, Arts and Humanities and Math and Science; and Navika Shar Scott, who received a certificate of career preparation in Child Development Assistant and as a Child Development Associate Teacher.

The keynote speaker for the PVC Needles Center 2018 graduation was Bing Lum, executive vice president of Colorado River Medical Center in Needles.

“Thank you for the Palo Verde Board of Trustees and the graduates for having me here today,” said Lum. “I want everybody to understand, that no matter where you come from or who you are you can do anything you want in this world and continue doing it every day.

“The most important thing that I want to convey is that you can’t be satisfied, you have to stay a little hungry all the time.”