Kegler’s Korner: Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet

March 7, 2019 GMT

The Columbus USBC Association will be holding its annual Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet on March 16th at the VFW.

Tickets for the banquet can be purchased at either bowling center for $15. The tickets will be on sale from now until March 13th. Social hour will run from 5:30 – 6:30, with the meal being served at 6:30. Following the dinner, the ceremonies will begin.

The 2017-2018 All-City Women’s and Men’s teams will be introduced. Shawna Woosley, Madison Henderson, Emily Hoefer, Shayla Long and Traci Ryba-Grant all earned Women’s First Team honors.

The men’s First Team members are George A McCarthy, Dennis Meyer, Mike Anderson, John Eckholt and yours truly.

All First Team members will receive an All-City certificate. All members from both the women’s and men’s Second Team will also be honored. Jane Moore, Logan Schilling, Calan Reppert, Wanda Borowiak, Kim Hablitzel, Nick Borgman, Tyler Peterson, Wyatt Ellis, Brady Hoefer and Gary Muth were named to the Second Teams.

All scratch and handicap winners from this year’s Open and Women’s City Tournaments will receive plaques.

The three teams that will be honored from the city tournaments are Gus’s Pro Shop, Stack-n-Steak and Westbrook Lanes. Gus’s Pro Shop won both the handicap and scratch titles for the women. Members include Khara Lyon, Amanda Staub, Mandy Konwinski, Shayla Long and Emily Hoefer.

Stack-n-Steak claimed the men’s scratch title with members Pat Force, Randy Cline, Patrick Meyer, Mike Long and yours truly. Westbrook Lanes won the handicap title. Team members are Jim Beck, Jeremiah Bollig, Duane Olsufka, Steve Hoenk and Rick Klug.

The doubles winners for the women were Long and Hoefer winning the scratch title. The handicap title went to Konwinski and Michelle Rosno. The open saw Troy Unger and Robert Rurup claim the handicap title. John and Justin Eckholt won the scratch title.

The single winner for the women was Long claiming both handicap and scratch titles. All events winners for the women were Nikki Wagoner and Hoefer.

Wagoner won the handicap title while Hoefer took home the scratch title. The Open singles titles went to Don Struebing and McCarthy. Struebing claimed the handicap title while McCarthy won the scratch title. The open all events titles were both claimed by Zach Martensen.

Following the all-city teams and city tournaments honorees, the main events of the evening begin. First, the senior bowlers of the year from each bowling center will be honored.

From Boulevards Lanes, Sandy Sutton was named their senior bowler of the year. June Souders was named the senior bowler from Westbrook Lanes. The Lifetime Achievement award winner from Boulevard Lanes will be Mary Wojcik, while Westbrook Lanes will be honoring Don Gablenz.

The banquet closes with the induction of the newest member to the Columbus USBC Association Hall of Fame, Brady Hoefer.

Hoefer began bowling in 1991 at the age of 7. At the age of 14, he shot his first 700 series with a 726. At the age of 16 he started bowling in the adult leagues.

In May of 2007, Hoefer rolled his first 300 game at the Men’s State Tournament at 30 Bowl in Fremont. He has had 8 sanctioned 300 games and four sanctioned 800 series, with 826 being his high.

Hoefer in currently a member of the Columbus USBC board. These are just a few of Hoefer’s highlights. I ask that you please come out Saturday night and help us welcome Hoefer into the Columbus Bowling Hall of Fame.

Shayla Long and Shayna Hogan led women again for the week at Boulevard, tying for the high game with a 244. Long had the high series with a 685. Tyler Peterson’s high game of 279 tied the high for the week though no other high scores were reported.

Shawna Woosley led the ladies for the week at Westbrook with a 222 game and a 605 series. Brandon Silvey had the high game for the men with a 287 while John Eckholt had the high series with a 789.

Until next week, Boulevard Lanes W”in”AX began last weekend and runs through May 5th.

Chuck McCarthy is a freelance reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Catch his weekly editions of “Kegler’s Korner” every Thursday.