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‘Rules of the road’ for munitions safety

April 19, 2018 GMT

What is the greatest hazard to our munitions and explosives? Fire. Last year, the Hill AFB experienced a grass fire near its Munitions Storage Area. Thankfully, the fire was quickly extinguished by munitions personnel. The cause of the fire was undetermined; however, every individual that enters the munitions storage area must be aware of the hazards to the area and do their part to ensure safety standards are met to the maximum extent possible. One of the less obvious sources of fire hazards outside of smoking and lightning are vehicles accessing the area. Vehicles present both a fuel and a combustion source capable of creating a fire. In order to mitigate this risk, there are strict rules for vehicle use and parking in explosives environments. When parking in the MSA, vehicles must be parked within a designated parking area or at a minimum 100 feet from explosive locations. Under certain circumstances, only ‘government’ vehicles can be within 25 feet of an explosives building. If they are essential to the completion of a specific task specifically authorized by AFMAN 91-201 or if they are being loaded or unloaded and upon completion of either task, the vehicles must be moved to a designated parking area. We need your help to get everyone to follow these simple rules to ensure we mitigate the risk to our MSA and the personnel who work there.