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Slams and shouts: Professional wrestlers put on a show

April 7, 2019 GMT

Bumps, kayfabe and plenty of family fun were on tap during a family-friendly professional wrestling event Saturday. ZOWA Life presented Mark it Zero at the Rock Falls American Legion. Wrestlers were throwing punches around the ring and doing some aerial acrobatics off the ropes and sometimes throwing their opponents on the mat. These bumps – falls to the ground or mat – all while staying in character – kayfabe – was part of the fun. One tag-team match featured the “Super Bearded Bros” taking on the “Brewster Brother,” while another was “Dakota” trying to retain his title belt. The event drew a large crowd and fans were cheering on their favorite wrestlers even if they were heels – bad guys. The wresting organization schedules matches throughout the year. Go to Facebook.com/Zowalive for more information and for match announcements.

– Photos by Breanne Hunter for Sauk Valley Media