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From Rock Hudson to Rudolph Nureyev: A Toll of AIDS Victims With AM-Obit-Nureyev

January 6, 1993

Undated (AP) _ Some of the better-known victims of AIDS:


ROCK HUDSON - Actor who epitomized the clean-cut American male in movies for more than 20 years. His films included ″Written on the Wind,″ ″Magnificent Obsession″ and ″Giant.″ Oct. 2, age 59.


PERRY ELLIS - Sportswear designer and fashion maverick. Cause of death was said to be viral encephalitis, but credible reports linked his death to AIDS. May 30, age 46.

ROY COHN - Lawyer who was friend and counselor to both cardinals and mobsters; Communist-hunter who served as chief counsel for U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Aug. 2, age 59.

WAY BANDY - Top makeup artist and author of best-selling beauty book. Aug. 13, age 45.

JERRY SMITH - All-Pro tight end for the Washington Redskins in 1965-1977. Was first professional athlete known to have died of AIDS. Oct. 15, age 43.

TERRY DOLAN - Conservative activist and founder of the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), whose fund-raising techniques changed modern political campaigning. Dec. 28, age 36.


LIBERACE - pianist who combined glitter with music and became one of the nation’s most enduring entertainers. Feb. 4, age 67.

STEWART B. McKINNEY - Nine-term congressman from Connecticut. May 7, age 56.

CHARLES LUDLAM - Co-founder of New York’s Ridiculous Theatre Company, one of off-Broadway’s most innovative troupes. May 28, age 44.

FRANK BATEY - Homosexual who fought highly publicized five-year court battle with his former wife, a fundamentalist Christian, for custody of his son. June 26, age 42.

MICHAEL BENNETT - Theatrical wunderkind who danced his way out of the chorus line to become Broadway’s most influential director-choreographer. Credits included ″Promises, Promises,″ ″Follies,″ ″Dancin‴ and the longest-running show in Broadway history, ″A Chorus Line.″ July 2, age 44.

THOMAS WADDELL - Member of U.S. decathlon team in 1968 Mexico City Olympics. July 11, age 49.

ARNOLD LOBEL - Prize-winning author and illustrator of children’s books. Dec. 4, age 54.


DAN BRADLEY - Longtime advocate of the poor and disadvantaged and former national president of Legal Services, federally funded legal agency for the poor. Jan. 8, age 47.

JOHN HOLMES - Pornographic actor ″Johnny Wadd″ who made hundreds of sexually explicit films. March 13, age 43.

ARNIE ZANE - Critically acclaimed, award-winning choreographer who, with his partner Bill T. Jones, founded one of America’s leading post-modernist dance troupes. March 30, age 39.

G. WILLIAM COX - Former managing editor of The Honolulu Star-Bulletin. May 20, age 39.

LEONARD MATLOVICH - Former technical sergeant who waged a public battle against the Air Force after he was discharged for homosexuality in 1975. June 22, age 44. WILLIAM CARTER - Choreographer and former leading dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, and the Martha Graham Dance Company. July 28, age 56.

COLIN HIGGINS - Filmmaker and author of cult classic ″Harold and Maude″ and numerous other films including ″Silver Streak,″ ″Foul Play″ and ″9 to 5.″ Aug. 5, age 47.

MAX ROBINSON - Became the first black to anchor a network news program. Dec. 20, age 49.


HERBERT H. DENTON JR. - Reporter and editor for The Washington Post for over 20 years. April 29, age 45.

LEONARD HOROWITZ - Industrial designer who helped transform Miami Beach’s decaying Art Deco District into a rainbow of pastel colors and renovated beachfront hotels. May 5, age 43.

ESTEBAN DeJESUS - Former World Boxing Council lightweight boxing champion. May 11, age 37.

JOHN HIRSCH - Award-winning director who staged Broadway plays and Shakespeare for Canada’s Stratford Festival. Aug. 1, of cryptococcal meningitis, a complication of AIDS, age 59.

AMANDA BLAKE - Played saloonkeeper Miss Kitty on television’s long-running ″Gunsmoke.″ Aug. 16, of AIDS-related causes. She was 60.

PAUL GANN - Self-proclaimed ″people’s advocate″ who with the late Howard Jarvis co-wrote California’s property tax-slashing Proposition 13. Sept. 11, of complications from AIDS, which he contracted from a tainted blood transfusion during heart surgery in 1982. He was 77.

FREDERIC DE HOFFMANN - Former president of the Salk Institute and nuclear physicist who helped develop the hydrogen bomb. He contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion he received during surgery in 1984. Oct. 4, age 65.

ELIANA MARTINEZ - Child whose landmark legal battle to go to school without being sealed in a glass box opened schools to mentally disabled AIDS victims. Nov. 27, age 8.


IAN CHARLESON - Scottish actor who raced his way to stardom playing a runner in the Oscar-winning movie ″Chariots of Fire.″ Jan. 6, age 40.

KEITH HARING - Artist whose cartoon-like drawings appeared in public spaces from New York City’s subways to the Berlin Wall. Feb. 16, age 31.

HALSTON - Designer who created the pillbox hat that Jacqueline Kennedy made chic and whose star-studded circle of friends included Andy Warhol and Liza Minnelli. Of AIDS-related cancer. March 27, age 57.

RYAN WHITE - ″Boy next door″ who put a youthful face on AIDS and fought discrimination against its victims. A hemophiliac who developed AIDS as a result of transfusions. April 8, age 18.


RON HAYS - Emmy Award-winning multimedia artist whose creations melded computerized film, slides, synthesizers and music. April 19, age 45.

TOM CASSIDY - Cable News Network business anchorman who went on television to tell millions of Americans of his battle against AIDS. May 26, age 41.

LARRY KERT - The actor who played Tony in the original Broadway production of ″West Side Story,″ the modern musical retelling of ″Romeo and Juliet.″ June 5, age 60.

FREDDIE MERCURY - Rock singer whose dramatic vocals in such songs as ″Bohemian Rhapsody″ and ″Killer Queen″ helped make Queen one of the top groups of the 1970s. Nov. 24, age 45.

KIMBERLY BERGALIS - Florida college student who contracted AIDS from her dentist and used the last months of her life campaigning for mandatory testing of health-care workers. Dec. 8, age 23.


ROBERT REED - Actor who trained for Shakespeare only to gain fame as the father of TV’s ″The Brady Bunch.″ May 12, age 59.

PETER ALLEN - Australian-born songwriter and entertainer who wrote hits including ″Arthur’s Theme″ and ″Don’t Cry Out Loud.″ June 18, age 48. June 18.

ANTHONY PERKINS - Actor whose performance as the murderous mama’s boy in ″Psycho″ gave the screen one of its most memorable moments. Sept. 12, age 60.

DENHOLM ELLIOTT - Veteran British supporting actor in films such as who often outshone the stars around him. Oct. 6, age 70.

RICKY RAY - Florida schoolboy, one of three hemophiliac brothers, whose family was ostracized from their small town when they became infected with the AIDS virus. Dec. 13, age 15


RUDOLPH NUREYEV - Soviet ballet dancer who stunned the world by defecting to the West and became the most celebrated classic dancer of his generation. Widely reported to have suffered from AIDS. Jan. 6, age 54.

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