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Secure shredding provided at five sites

January 9, 2019

BASSETT — The North Central RC&D partnered with several area communities and Security Shredding Services of Laurel to provide the first RC&D hosted secure shredding for unwanted, outdated documents.

A total of 41 bins of documents were shredded between five collection sites at Merriman, Valentine, Bassett, Stuart and Spencer.

One key benefit of working with the Laurel firm was that contents of all bins were shredded on site. Shredding is the most reliable and economic way to keep unwanted and obsolete records containing private information from being read by the wrong people, RC&D representatives said.

On-site shredding afforded owners of documents to witness destruction of their materials as they handed them over. Not all shredder services offer on-site shredding.

Lathan Asbra, owner of the shredding company, said he wasn’t sure what to expect from this first trip.

“After collecting 41 bins of materials, I was impressed with the volume of documents and how well it was organized,” he said.

Mike Burge, RC&D Council president, expressed appreciation to the host communities for their support in making it happen.

“Their financial support and drop location sites made this an event everyone from the area could participate in,” Burge said.

The RC&D will meet Wednesday, Jan. 9, at the Bassett city meeting room at 1:40 p.m.

Included on the agenda will be the proposal to make the paper shredding an annual event. The public is invited.

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