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Investigators Call Off One Search for Bundy Victim’s Remains

January 28, 1989 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) _ Searchers who set out to find the remains of two of serial killer Ted Bundy’s victims were forced to postpone one search until spring because of snow and frozen ground.

″We found some really promising places, but the snow’s just too deep,″ Carbon County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Cowan said after a daylong hunt for the remains of a victim believed to be 15-year-old Susan Curtis.

″We’ve called it off until the spring. We need some snow melt, and we’ll wait until the ground is dry and we have warmer temperatures,″ Cowan said.


Meanwhile, a search for another victim’s remains got under way near Capitol Reef National Park and a third search was planned today along U.S. 89 in central Utah. Yet another could begin next week near Grand Junction, Colo.

In an effort to make the most of Bundy’s flurry of eleventh-hour confessions, the FBI announced Friday it would convene a meeting of law enforcement agents from around the country in an attempt to clear up unsolved slayings linked to the executed killer.

The meeting will take place in Quantico, Va., within three weeks if the schedules of various investigators allow it, according to FBI major case specialist Terry Green.

In the days before his execution last Tuesday, Bundy, 42, confessed to 23 killings. Investigators believe he may have committed as many as 100 slayings beginning in 1969.

Bundy has been suspected in killings, solved and unsolved, in Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

ABC’s ″20-20″ on Friday aired an emotional telephone conversation between Bundy’s mother, Louise Bundy, of Tacoma, Wash., and the mother of victim Susan Rancourt. The conversation, arranged by a Seattle television station, took place the day of Bundy’s death.

Mrs. Bundy, her voice quavering, told Vivian Rancourt of La Conner, Wash.: ″I’ve said it before and I’m glad to be able to say it again directly to one of the moms, we don’t know why this happened and we feel so desperately sorry for you. We didn’t want our son to do this. ... I am sorry.″

″I know you are,″ Mrs. Rancourt replied. ″And we (don’t) hold any resentment or hatred toward you or your family.″

Mrs. Rancourt’s 18-year-old daughter, a student at Central Washington State College, disappeared in 1974.


The following year, Susan Curtis disappeared while attending a youth conference at Brigham Young University in June. In a confession shortly before his execution, Bundy recalled taking a girl from the Brigham Young campus in Provo, killing her and burying the body south of Price, about 60 miles southeast of Provo.

Before the search for Ms. Curtis’ body was called off Friday, more than 20 search and rescue team members pinpointed four promising spots along a highway outside Price.

Searchers using metal detectors scanned the snow in hope of picking up signals from the girl’s dental braces. But the only positive signal was found to be from a piece of who disappeared in October 1974.

A third search, along U.S. 89, was planned today by Bountiful police seeking to find the remains of Debi Kent, 17, who disappeared in November 1975.

Bundy confessed to the slayings of Ms. Kent and Ms. Wilcox and disclosed the proximate locations of their remains during an interview two days before his execution for the murder of Florida schoolgirl Kimberly Leach, 12.

He confessed to the third Utah slaying and the slaying of Denise Oliverson of Grand Junearch for the body.