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Random political observations from reader

October 25, 2018 GMT

I applaud the reporting of David Giuliani and his calling out of officials in office and running for office.

The fliers for the state representative race portraying Lindsay Parkhurst as a senior citizen hating, veteran hating, lover of child molesters are an insult to people’s intelligence. They should all start with the greeting “Dear Stupid.”

The ridiculous Kavanaugh fiasco made it even more glaringly apparent that our U.S. Senate consists of too many career politicians who are very old, full of themselves, and completely out of touch with life outside of Washington DC.

Mike Madigan’s track record: Illinois tops in per capita taxes paid, top five in people moving out of state, top five in businesses closing and/or moving out of state. A legacy to be proud of!

Where on earth does all of the Illinois tax money go? Drive through other Midwestern states. The roads are better, schools seem newer and better, but the taxes paid are lower. Hmm.

When JB gets all of the toilets back into the mansion and raises our taxes even higher, who is most likely to leave the state first? Of course it’s the higher income people who can afford to move more easily. This means that the families on whom JB just raised the taxes no longer contributes to the tax base. Genius. Cut spending…………preposterous idea!

And this is not to say that our current governor has been much of a success, but you have to give him an A for effort. Oops, I guess in this silly era he’ll have to settle for a plastic governor participation medal.

Jim Clark