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Man Drives Vehicle Into Parliament House

August 12, 1992 GMT

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) _ A 68-year-old part-time teacher had no explanation for driving through the front entrance of Parliament Wednesday with a sawed-off shotgun in his four- wheel-drive vehicle.

Witnesses said the man signaled a left turn as he drove up the gravel drive, stopped, then reversed to align his vehicle so he could drive between two sets of pillars outside the doors.

Frightened tourists, students and office workers scattered as the vehicle rammed through two sets of brass-and-glass double doors and into the crowded lobby.

No one was injured.

Parliament was not in session, although several Cabinet ministers, including Prime Minister Paul Keating, were in the building at the time, aides said.

Security officials, worried about the possibility of explosives, evacuated the building. A bomb squad found a 10-gauge sawed-off, double-barreled shotgun with nine shells in the vehicle.

Clifton Courtney Moss, who apparently drove from his home in the outback mining town of Broken Hill 435 miles away, surrendered quietly. He later told Magistrate Warren Nichol he had no explanation for his action or the presence of the shotgun.

Moss pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and damaging government property. He was jailed pending sentencing Friday and ordered to undergo a psychological examination.