Oliver Hudson is reconnecting with estranged father Bill Hudson

March 29, 2018 GMT

Oliver Hudson is reconnecting with his estranged father Bill Hudson.

Back in 2015, the 41-year-old ‘Splitting Up Together’ star took to Instagram on Father’s Day to post a picture of himself, his sister Kate Hudson, and their actor father - who said at the time that his two children with ex-wife Goldie Hawn were dead to him - with the caption: “Happy Abandonment Day (sic)”.

But following the post, Oliver revealed he is now in contact with his estranged father and believes his post was the reason for it.

Speaking on ‘Larry King Now’, the actor said: “We’ll, we’re trying right now. We’ve shot some texts back and forth.

“There was an incident that happened via my Instagram. I had posted something that was darkly comedic and it blew up into something, and actually it helped us with our relationship. So now we’re kind of keeping in touch.”

Although they are trying to work on their relationship, Oliver admitted it was “contentious” at first but says it was “amazing” after seeing him for the first time in 12 years.

He said: “He did an interview and talked s**t. He felt hurt by it. I called him and we got on the phone and talked.

“It was really productive. Then we saw each other, had breakfast and it was the first time I had seen him in 12 years and it was really amazing to see him.

“We talked it out and we had a really great three-hour conversation.”

The actor - who has three children with his wife Erinn Bartlett, Wilder, 10, Rio, four, and Bodhi, eight - also spoke about his relationship with his actress sister Kate.

He said: “We have an amazing relationship, my sister and I.

“Now it changed, because when we were kids I couldn’t stand her. She came out of the womb acting and it bothered me.

“I couldn’t stand. Please stop saying, ‘Look at me’, And now I can honestly say she’s one of my best friends. Kate and I get along very well.”