Suspects arrested for identity theft stemming from summer break-in, Madison police say

December 15, 2017

Two men suspected of burglarizing a Southwest Side home in July were arrested Tuesday on identity theft charges.

Robert Gipson, 18, and Malik Henry, 19, both of Madison, were arrested following a traffic stop on McKenna Boulevard, each tentatively charged with identity theft, Madison police said.

The burglary happened on July 11 in the 1100 block of Gammon Lane.

“Officers had probable cause to arrest them for identity theft after surveillance video showed them using the victim’s credit card to buy items at a Monona Walmart just after the home burglary on Gammon Lane,” said police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Thieves entered the home through an unlocked garage door and stole the victim’s car which had many personal items, including the victim’s wallet, inside.

“One arrested suspect tried to claim he paid cash for the purchases that night, while the other said he didn’t remember much because he had been smoking weed,” DeSpain said.