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State launches new aquifer training program

Katrina KoertingNovember 28, 2017

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has launched a free online training tool to help local and state officials meet the training requirements under the Aquifer Protection Act.

The new Aquifer Protection Area Program Technical Training Course provides an overview of the regulatory requirements for local implementation and helps staff comply with the law.

“This online training significantly reduces training costs to both the state and municipalities by allowing those taking the course to do so online rather than in person,” Kim Czapla, administrator of DEEP’s Aquifer Protection Area Program, said in a statement. “This training is an important component of the Aquifer Protection Act, and by moving this program online we are also helping to increase availability and removing a barrier for those required to this course.”

The course is not limited to municipal officials, and DEEP encourages everyone interested in learning about Connecticut’s Aquifer Protection Area Program and protecting our groundwater resources to participate.

Visit www.ct.gov/deep/aquiferprotection to enroll.

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